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Make a first impression – to create a good feeling, to give people a good opinion.

Stand out from the crowd  – to be unusual in a good way

How can a guy make a good impression on a girl?

What’s the easiest way to stand out from the crowd of other men?

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Watch the video clip and answer the questions

  1. What question does Allegra ask from the board of directors?
  2. Is she happy with the answer? Why?
  3. What does Albert say to her about her investment idea?
  4. Why does it attract Allegra's attention?

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Well, it looks like I'm still rich. But what I would really like, and what I was wondering... is... if I could have 500,000 dollars... to invest on my own.

Oh... And what were you thinking of investing in, Allegra?

Well, it's... something that I really have a passion for.

Daydreams are for private time. When you're in the room, be in the room. Concentrate. Focus. Women respond when you respond to them.

My friend Maggie is a really talented designer. I've seen the business plan and the samples look fantastic. And I would really... really like to get involved.

I'll tell you what. Let us come up with a range of investments that we think you might be interested in... and next month, we'll run the whole lot of them by you. Hm?


Fine. Thank you. All right, gentlemen.

Let's go over this one more time. What is the objective?

Shock and awe.

That was shockingly awful.

What is the objective?

Shock and awe.

What is the objective?!

Excuse me, sir.

Yes, Albert? Yes... Albert?

I don't, uh-uh, really agree... with that. Um...

You don't really agree with what?

I think if you wanna invest half a million dollars in your friend's business...  that's exactly what you should do.


No... You-you don't need us to tell you what to do. We're a board of advisors, we're not your kindergarten teachers. If you wanna be taken seriously as an adult... I suggest you start taking yourself seriously as an adult instead... of asking for permission to invest your own money from a boardroom full of your... daddy's golf buddies.

That's quite enough!

You know, I'm not finished. I mean, I'd like to see anybody in this room handle the attention and publicity... that she's had to deal with her whole life, with half her class. We should be taking advice from you, Miss Cole. Not the other way around.

Sit down, mister...

No! You know what? I quit!

Oh, my God!

Just breathe. Just breathe. How'd it go?

I yelled at her. I screamed at my boss! I quit my job!


You said... I gotta go back.

No, I didn't tell you to quit. Relax. Okay, listen, we're fine, we're fine. Okay?

Would you let me go?

Albert, no, no! Just relax! Okay? - Just let it marinate for a second. Trust me.


Relax. Relax.

It's Allegra Cole

Answer it.

Could I speak to you a second?

Answer the door, Albert.

Yes. Hi. What's up?

Listen... Albert, right? People... don't usually talk to me like that. Okay?

Close your mouth, man.

Let me... rephrase that. People never talk to me like that.

Stand up.


I guess it's kind of scary for them. But that's why I really appreciate what you did in there. But I was wondering, um... do you think that you and I could... get together sometime this week? You know, to go over things... Financial things. You see, I'd-I'd like to see the areas where I can afford to take some risks.

Check your schedule.

Let me check my schedule.

Great. Let me give you my number. Do you have a pen?

I don't... think I have one. Yes, I do.


And... call me Allegra.

You're done. Goodbye.

Good job. Albert... Oh, damn.

Say the following phrases without pauses and interruptions.


Asking questions politely (indirect questions)