Обучение английскому по фильмам и сериалам.

Emoticons a picture representation of facial expressions. 

In-Personsomeone’s physical presence rather than communication by phone, email, etc… 

1 Why is e-mail correspondence still alive even though we have a lot of messengers like WhatsApp and Telegram

2 What’s the longest it has taken you to compose an e-mail?

While on the surface an e-mail is considered an informal way of communication, it takes a great deal of time for some people to compose one as they are constantly trying to perfect even simple ideas they want to communicate. 

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  1.  How much on average does it take you to write an email? 
  2. Does grammar matter in emails? 
  3. How would you react if you received an email that contained a lot of mistakes?
  4. Why has email not been replaced by popular messengers like WhatsApp or telegram? 
I think emails are weird along with the etiquette that goes with it. I mean, it's not like texting or instant messaging. You know like:
"ayy bb wanna go out 2nite"
"mm I have too much homework :("
"Whatever, I never loved you anyway"
"well, I'm pregnant"
There is no limit to how informal you could be but when people use email as a medium to contact me I feel the need to have more discretion because that's how I see emails - electronic mail, and you wouldn't put LOL's and emoticons in mail.
Lmao, here's your cheque. I'm Canadian, so I spell it that way
for $1,200 🙂
# makeitrain
On one hand, I feel the need to sound professional especially if it's business-related, but on the other, I don't want to sound boring and uninterested in the topic.
So when you eliminate text lingo and emoticons you're left with a default English language or whatever you speak and proper punctuation.
But, if you're like me I like to Express emotion into my words especially if it's not in person or on the phone because I hate when people misconstrue the tone of my messages, so for me when I write an email what ends up happening is something like this: 
Hey Dom, I'm just wondering if you're free this week to set up a conference meeting with everyone. thanks!
You can do this
Hey yeah whoops
Hello, Christine. No that sounds like I'm welcoming her to my lair
Well she used an exclamation mark I guess I will too
Good good. That's good
Yeah, I'm free! no no no no. I just used an exclamation.  I don't want to sound like I'm too loud
Yes, I am free. No. I sound like I just escaped prison with a vengeance
Yeah, I'm free. Just let me know what time Just let me know what time?
Just let me know what time!!!!
Hey Christine a day within this fortnight fits within my schedule
See you soon
Best wishes to you and your loved ones most sincerely
*whispers* It's perfect.

E-mail style

How you write an e-mail largely depends on who you are writing to, but, in general, a friendly, neutral style will work best – neither too formal nor too familiar. Avoid unnecessary acronyms, abbreviations and slang which may confuse, date or sound silly. 

1. Underline the best option in each section of the e-mail below.

(I) Hi Tim I Dear Timothy / Yo! Timbo


(2) I trust you are well. I How's it hanging? I How's it going?


(3) You did a great job on the presentation.Well done! I My congratulations on a most effective

presentation. /Way to go, man! Killer presentation!


(4) The product demo just blew us away! /The product demonstration was extremely well received. /The product demo went down really well.


(5) The only thing is, I'm not too happy with the packaging design. I But - don't hate me for saying

this - the packaging design really sucks! I The packaging design is, however, giving me some cause for concern.


(6) I strongly recommend we review the situation. I Frankly, I'd scrap it. I I suggest we have

a bit of a rethink.


(7) Catch up with you sometime next week to chew over a few alternatives. I Let's get together next week and see what we can come up with. I I propose we schedule a brainstorming meeting for next week.


(8) BTW if you've a sec, run your eye over the Singapore report, would you? I Also, if you have time,

could you have a look at the Singapore report? / If it's not too much trouble, your input on the Singapore report would also be much appreciated.


(9) And please note: I require a complete cost breakdown for this project as soon as possible. I It's very important that I have your costing for this project just as soon as you can get it to me./ Need your costing for the project too - yesterday, if not sooner! 


(I 0) If you have any problems, give Sandra Taylor in accounts a call. I Any probs, give Sandra in accounts a buzz. I Should you have any problems, Sandra Taylor in accounts may be able to be of assistance.

2. Write a short e-mail in reply to the one above using the prompts below.

glad / enjoyed / presentation / also pleased / response / product demo //disappointed / hear / not keen
/ design //thought / quite stylish //let I know / free I discuss / alternatives // around / most / next week//
happy / go through / report // costing / ready / within / few days// may need/I check / few things / Sandra
// happen / have / extension number? / thanks