Обучение английскому по фильмам и сериалам.

like father like son –  a man or boy has the same attitudes as his father or behaves in the same way

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree – a child usually has a similar character or similar qualities to his or her parents

Should kids forgive their parents whatever happens?

Like father like son?

Are kids supposed to take care of their parents when they are old?

Play Video

Watch the video clip and answer the questions:

  1.  Why does a man use protection when he is having an intercourse with a prostitute? 
  2. What should a son do when his father beckons or calls?

Uncle X: Louie, let me ask you something.  When a man has intercourse with a prostitute, he covers his organ with protection (mimics the rolling on of a condom onto his middle finger) so that he won't catch her wretchedness. He is acting in the interest of his family so that he won't take it home to his wife.

Louie: That's the question?

Uncle X: But, between a father and his son (mimics unrolling of the condom off a finger), there can be no separation. No boundary. A father calls, a son answers. A father beckons, a son comes! This is for life, Louie. For life!

Answer the questions

Do you agree with Uncle X? Why?



To... For... and So that


TO tells us the purpose of something: why somebody does something, has something, needs something etc., or why something exists.


  • I called the restaurant to reserve a table.
  • What do you need to make bread?
  • We shouted to warn everybody of the danger.
  • This letter is to confirm the decisions we made at our meeting last week.
  • The president has a team of bodyguards to protect him.

We say ‘a place to park’, ‘something to eat’, ‘work to do’ etc. Sometimes there is a preposition (on, with, etc.) after the verb:


  • It’s hard to find a place to park in the city center. (= a place where you can park)
  • Would you like something to eat? (= something that you can eat)
  • Do you have much work to do? (= work that you must do)
  • Is there a chair to sit on? (= a chair that I can sit on)
  • I get lonely if there’s nobody to talk to.
  • I need something to open this bottle with.


We use FOR with nouns and with Ving to say what something is used for.


  • I did it for you
  • We stopped for petrol
  • This brush is for washing the dishes

We use What...for to ask about purpose.


  • What is this switch for? (= what is it used for?)
  • What did you do that for? (= why did you do that?)


We use So that (not to …) especially with can/could and will/would. You can leave out that.


  • She’s learning English so (that) she can study in Canada.
  • We moved to London so (that)t we could see our friends more often.
  • I hurried so (that) I wouldn’t be late.
    (= because I didn’t want to be late)
  • I hurried so (that) I wouldn’t be late.

Complete these sentences using TO + a suitable verb.

1 The president has a team of bodyguards to protect him.
2 I don’t have enough time _____ all the things I have to do.
3 I came home by taxi. I didn’t have the energy_____ .
4 Would you like _____ something? Coffee? Tea?
5 Can you give me a bag _____ these things in?
6 There will be a meeting next week_____ the problem.
7 Do you need a visa  _____ to the United States?
8 I saw Helen at the party, but I didn’t have a chance _____ to her.
9 I need some new clothes. I don’t have anything nice _____.
10 They’ve passed their exams. They’re going to have a party _____.
11 I can’t do all this work alone. I need somebody _____ me.
12 Why are you so scared? There’s nothing _____ afraid of.

Put in TO or FOR.

1 We stopped for petrol.
2 We’ll need time _____ make a decision.
3 I went to the dentist _____ a check-up.
4 He’s very old. He needs somebody _____ take care of him.
5 Can you lend me money _____ a taxi?
6 Do you wear glasses _____ reading?
7 I put on my glasses _____  read the letter.
8 I wish we had a garden _____ the children _____ play in.

Make one sentence from two, using SO THAT.

1 I hurried. I didn’t want to be late.
I hurried so that I wouldn’t be late.

2 I wore warm clothes. I didn’t want to get cold.
I wore warm clothes _____ 

3 I gave Mark my phone number. I wanted him to be able to contact me.
I gave Mark my phone number_____ 

4 We spoke very quietly. We didn’t want anybody else to hear us.
We spoke very quietly _____  nobody else _____ 

5 Please arrive early. We want to be able to start the meeting on time.
Please arrive early_____ 

6 We made a list of things to do. We didn’t want to forget anything.
We made a list of things to do_____ 

7 I slowed down. I wanted the car behind me to be able to overtake.
I slowed down _____