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Omnipotent – having unlimited power.

Immortal – living forever; never dying or decaying.

Do you believe in God? Why?

Do you want to be immortal?  

If you were omnipotent for a day what would you do?

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Watch the video clip and answer the questions:

  1. Why does Pill think he is a God?
  2. What happens every morning when he wakes up?
  3. How does he try to prove he is a God?
  4. Phil talks about different people's lives. Whose story do you find interesting and why?


RITA I' m sorry. What was that again?
PHIL I'm a god.
RITA You're God?
PHIL I'm A god. I'm not THE God— I don't think
RITA Because you survived a car wreck?
WAITER You folks ready to order?
PHIL I didn’t just survive a wreck. I wasn’t just blown up yesterday. I have been stabbed, shot, poisoned, frozen, hung, electrocuted and burned.
RITA Oh really?
PHIL Every morning I wake up without a scratch on me, not a dent in the fender. I am an immortal.
WAITER The special today is blueberry waffles.
RITA Why are you telling me this?
PHIL Because I want you to believe in me.
RITA You're not a god, Phil. You can take my word for it. This is twelve years of Catholic school talking.
WAITER I could come back if you're not ready.
PHIL How do you know I'm not a god?
RITA Oh please.
PHIL How do you know?
RITA Because it's not possible.
WAITER I'll come back.
PHIL This is Doris. Her brother-in-law Carl owns this diner. She’s worked here since she was 17. More than anything else in her life, she wants to see Paris before she dies.
WAITER Oh boy, would I!
RITA What are you doing?
PHIL This is Debbie Kleiser and her fiancé, Fred.
Debbie Do I know you?
PHILL They’re supposed to be getting married this afternoon, but Debbie is having second thoughts.
FRED What?
RITA Lovely ring.
PHIL This is Bill. He’s been a waiter for three years, since he left Penn State and had to get work. He likes the town, he paints toy soldiers and he’s gay.
BILL I am.
PHIL This is Gus. He hates his life here, he wishes he’d stayed in the Navy.
GUS Well, I could’ve retired on half pay after 20 years.
RITA Excuse me. Is this some kind of trick?
PHIL Well, maybe the real God uses tricks. You know, maybe he’s not omnipotent, he’s just been around so long he knows everything.
RITA Oh, okay. Well, who’s that?
PHIL This is Tom. He worked in the coal mine till they closed it down.
RITA And her?
PHIL That’s Alice. Came from Ireland when she was a baby. She lived in Erie most of her life.
ALICE He’s right.
RITA And her?
PHIL Nancy. She works in the dress shop, and makes noises like a chipmunk when she gets real excited.
PHIL It’s true.
RITA How do you know these people?
PHIL I told you, I know everything. In about five seconds, a waiter’s gonna drop a tray of dishes. Five, four, three, two, one.
RITA This is nuts.
PHIL Okay?
RITA Okay, that’s enough.

Let's discuss:

  1. If you were a God how would you prove it to your friends without giving them a heart attack?
  2. If you lived the same day over and over again what would you do?
  3. What one thing would you change about yourself if you were a God?

Say the following phrases without pauses and interruptions.

Coming soon. Busy searching the Lord.

Would for repeated actions in the past

Groundhog Day I'm a God

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