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Masculinity– a set of attributes and behaviors associated with men

Get a grip – keep or recover self-control.

Why are there not many male literature teachers?

What jobs are dominated by men and women?

Do you have any gay friends?

In this scene, Brackett is determined to undo whatever it is that makes everyone think he is gay, and puts on a selfhelp tape to guide him to being a “manly man.” 

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Answer the questions from the clip

  1. What does Howard hate doing?
  2. What's the most important thing about masculine behavior?
  3. What should Howard avoid at all costs?

ANNOUNCER: Welcome to our series on exploring your masculinity. This is audiotape number one "Getting a Grip." Are you dressed in suitably masculine attire?


ANNOUNCER: Are you in control?


ANNOUNCER: Are you ready to take charge?


ANNOUNCER: Are you a man?


ANNOUNCER: Stand up. Stand straight and tall. Excuse me, are we a little teapot? Untuck your shirt. Just one side.


ANNOUNCER: You hate this, don't you?

HOWARD: Look at it!

ANNOUNCER: You want to be neat. You want to be tidy. Adjust yourself. Not there. The package, sissy man. The family jewels. Grab 'em.


ANNOUNCER: You're in a barroom.


ANNOUNCER: Repeat after me. "Yo."


ANNOUNCER: "Hot damn."

HOWARD: Hot damn!

ANNOUNCER: "What a fabulous window treatment."

HOWARD: What a fabulous...

ANNOUNCER: That was a trick.

HOWARD: Oh! Damn!

ANNOUNCER: We've come to the most critical area of masculine behavior.



HOWARD: Dancing.

ANNOUNCER: Truly manly men do not dance.

HOWARD: Oh, come on!

ANNOUNCER: Under any circumstances. This will be your ultimate test. At all costs avoid rhythm, grace, and pleasure. Whatever you do, do not dance.

HOWARD: I won't!

ANNOUNCER: Can you hear it?


ANNOUNCER: Can you hear the demon? "Dance," the demon whispers. Everyone else is dancing. They're getting down. They're getting funky now. They're having fun! Not you!


ANNOUNCER: Catch the fever. Feel the heat of the disco beat. It's calling to you. Do not listen! Men do not dance. They work, they drink, they have bad backs. They do not dance. Hold still. Hold tight. Whatever you do, do not dance!

1. Who is a manly man in your opinion? Why?

2. Can a gay person be a manly man? 

3. What things do real men do and never do?

Say these phrases without interruptions and pauses.

  1. Tell her 
  2. Tell him
  3. Grab them
  4. Look at it!
  5. Cup of coffee, please
  6. Black coffee, please 
  7. What to do?
  8. Went to the office 

Question tags (you  hate this, don't you?)

question tag is a very short clause at the end of a statement that changes the statement into a question.

Normally we use a negative question tag after a positive sentence and a positive question tag after a negative sentence

  • ‘It’s a nice day, isn’t it?’ ‘Yes, beautiful.’
  • ‘Paul doesn’t look well today, does he?’ ‘No, he looks very tired.’
  • ‘Lisa’s very funny. She’s got a great sense of humor, hasn’t she?’ ‘Yes, she has.’

The meaning of a question tag depends on how you say it. If your voice goes down, you are not really asking a question. You expect the listener to agree with you. But if the voice goes up, it is a real question.

You can use a negative sentence + positive tag to ask for things or information or to ask somebody to do something. The voice goes up at the end of the tag:

  • You couldn’t do me a favor, could you?’ ‘It depends what it is.’
  • ‘You don’t know where Karen is, do you?’ ‘Sorry, I have no idea.’


After Let’s -  the question tag is shall we:

  • Let’s go for a walk, shall we? (the voice goes up)

After Don’t, the question tag is will you:

  • Don’t be late, will you? (the voice goes down)

After I’m, the negative question tag is aren’t I? (= am I not?):

  • ‘I’m right, aren’t I?’ ‘Yes, you are.’