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Project managers play the lead role in planning, executing, monitoring, controlling, and closing projects. They are accountable for the entire project scope, project team, resources, and the success or failure of the project.

Experience knowledge or skill in a particular job or activity that you have gained

Responsibility  doing the things we are supposed to do and accepting the positive or negative outcomes of our actions.

1 What is your experience in your field? Are you a pro?

2 What are your main responsibilities?

1. Tell me about your typical relationship with project sponsors.


2. Give me an example of a time when you successfully handled intense pressure.

3. What project management methodologies do you follow?

4. Do you prefer to handle things yourself or to delegate to others?

5. What is the most important thing a project manager does?

6. Have you ever had a project that did not meet the deadline or budget?

7. What sort of project management tools do you use?

8. What escalation paths do you use?

9. How do you handle team conflicts?

10. How do you handle underperforming team members?

11. What was your most successful project?

“My most successful project was to create an advisor portal our client could use to manage customers' assets. I had an internal kickoff (first company meeting) where I worked with my team to develop a reasonable timeline, budget, and detailed steps we would take to complete the portal. Afterward, we had a meeting with the client.

This is where we had a minor issue. The client was not happy with our original timeline. They wanted the portal three weeks earlier than what we proposed. I explained that in order to complete it earlier, we would have to increase the budget so we could use more resources. They were hesitant (not sure) at first but ended up agreeing to a small increase in budget.

After that, I had a daily short meeting with my team and weekly status calls with the client to give them updates and ensure the deliverable looked and worked as expected. We delivered the portal on time and within the budget. The client was so pleased with the user-friendly interface and functionality that they had us create phone and tablet applications, too. The key to success was constant communication and managing expectations throughout the project."