Обучение английскому по фильмам и сериалам.

Story 13 Hotel

Mr. Leonard was twenty-three years old and not very rich. He was not married and he lived in two rooms in a small house in a city.

Every summer, Mr. Leonard went down to the sea for a holiday. He stayed in small, cheap hotels, but he always wanted to have a clean, tidy room. He hated dirty places.

One summer a friend of his said, ‘Go to the Tower Hotel in Whitesea. I went there last year, and it was very nice and clean.’ So Mr. Leonard went to the Tower Hotel in Whitesea. But there was a different manager that year.

The new manager took Mr. Leonard to his room. The room looked quite nice and clean, but Mr. Leonard said to the manager, ‘Are the sheets on the bed clean?’

‘Yes, of course, they are!’ he answered angrily. ‘We washed them this morning. Feel them. They’re still damp.’

1. Why did Mr. Leonard stay in cheap hotels?
2. What kinds of rooms did Mr. Leonard not like?
3. Who gave Mr. Leonard the name of the Tower Hotel?
4. Why was the new manager angry?
5. Where were the damp sheets?

Write this story. Put a word in each empty place.

Mr. Jones went to the sea for a holiday one . . ., and he . . . in a cheap . . . , because he was not a . . . man. At 7 a.m. on the first morning, a woman came and said, ‘Please get up.’ Mr. Jones . . . getting up early, so he said, ‘I don’t want to yet. I am still . . . tired.’ The woman went away, but at 8 a.m. a ... one came and said to Mr. Jones, ‘Mr. Jones, please get up. We need the . . . from your bed.’ Mr. Jones still . . . to sleep, so he answered . . . , ‘Why?’ ‘Because breakfast is starting,’ answered the woman, ‘and we need to put them on our tables. They’re our table-cloths too.’


  1. cupboard – шкаф
  2. hole – дыра, отверстие
  3. I’m going to buy – я собираюсь купить
  4. throw away – выкидывать
  5. come back – вернуться
  6. put on – надевать одежду
  7. look at me – посмотри на меня
  8. sleeves – рукава
  9. get shorter – становиться короче
  10. get bigger –  становиться больше
  11. too small – слишком маленький
  12. wear a shirt – носить рубашку