Обучение английскому по фильмам и сериалам.

Story 17 Drums

It was Jimmy’s birthday, and he was five years old. He got quite a lot of nice birthday presents from his family, and one of them was a beautiful big drum.

Who gave him that thing?’ Jimmy’s father said when he saw it 
His grandfather did,’ answered Jimmy’s mother.
Oh,’ said his father.

Of course, Jimmy liked his drum very much. He made a terrible noise with it, but his mother did not mind. His father was working during the day, and Jimmy was in bed when he got home in the evening, so he did not hear the noise.

But one of the neighbors did not like the noise at all, so one morning a few days later, she took a sharp knife and went to Jimmy’s house while he was hitting his drum.

She said to him, ‘Hullo, Jimmy. Do you know, there’s something very nice inside your drum. Here’s a knife. Open the drum and let’s find it.’

1. When did Jimmy get the drum?
2. Whom did he get it from?
3. Why didn't his father hear it?
4. Why did the neighbour really want Jimmy to cut the drum open?
5. What did she say to Jimmy to make him cut it open?

Put one of these in each empty place: a lot, a lot of, many, much.

‘How . . . did Jimmy’s drum cost?’
‘Oh, it didn’t cost . . . ; but his toy horse cost quite . . . .’
‘How . . . other birthday presents did he get?’
‘He got quite . . . nice things.’
‘Did he get . . . other toys?’
‘Oh, yes, he got quite . . . . And he got . . . chocolate, but not . . . sweets.’
‘Did he get . . . chocolate from his parents?’
‘No, he didn’t get any from them.’


  1. cupboard – шкаф
  2. hole – дыра, отверстие
  3. I’m going to buy – я собираюсь купить
  4. throw away – выкидывать
  5. come back – вернуться
  6. put on – надевать одежду
  7. look at me – посмотри на меня
  8. sleeves – рукава
  9. get shorter – становиться короче
  10. get bigger –  становиться больше
  11. too small – слишком маленький
  12. wear a shirt – носить рубашку