Обучение английскому по фильмам и сериалам.

Story 8 Tin Can

One morning Mrs. Perry said to her husband,
   ‘Jack, there’s a meeting of our ladies’ club at Mrs. Young’s house at lunchtime today, and I want to go to it. I’ll leave you some food for your lunch. Is that all right?’
   ‘Oh, yes,’ her husband answered, that’s quite all right. What are you going to leave for my lunch?’
   ‘This tin of fish,’ Mrs. Perry said. ‘And there are some cold, boiled potatoes and some beans here, too.’
   ‘Good,’ Mr. Perry answered. I’ll have a good lunch.’

So Mrs. Perry went to her meeting. All the ladies had lunch at Mrs. Young’s house, and at three o’clock Mrs. Perry came home.
   ‘Was your fish nice, Jack?’ she asked.
   ‘Yes, but my feet are hurting,’ he answered.
   ‘Why are they hurting?’ Mrs. Perry asked.
   ‘Well, the words on the tin were, “Open the tin and stand in hot water for five minutes”.’

1. Why didn’t Mrs. Perry want to cook her husband’s lunch?
2. What did she leave him for his lunch?
3. Did Mr. Perry enjoy his lunch?
4. What was the matter with his feet?
5. What mistake did Mr. Perry make when he read the words on the tin?

Which of these sentences are true? Write the correct ones down.

1. Mrs. Perry wanted to belong to a ladies’ club.
2. Mrs. Perry belonged to a ladies’ club.
3. Mrs. Perry did not cook her husband’s lunch that day.
4. Mrs. Perry cooked lunch for her husband that day.
5. Mrs. Perry had lunch with several ladies.
6. Mrs. Perry had lunch with Mrs. Young only.
7. Mr. Perry didn’t like his lunch.
8. Mr. Perry liked his lunch.
9. Mr. Perry put the tin of fish in hot water.
10. Mr. Perry put his feet in hot water.


  1. Meeting – встреча, собрание
  2. I’ll leave you some food for lunch – Я оставлю тебе немного еды на обед
  3. What are you going to do? – Что ты собираешься делать?
  4. A tin of fish – консервная банка рыбы
  5. Boiled potatoes – варёная картошка
  6. Beans – бобы, фасоль
  7. My feet are hurting – Мои ноги болят